Black Friday / Cyber Monday Preview

November 22, 2016


I think we can all agree that this blog has been very neglected over the past couple of months. :) If you've jumped on board as a VIP (do so here) then you've still been getting weekly updates from me via your inbox. I know that over the years this blog has been my main platform for keeping you updated. These days all my focus is going to that VIP list. I'm so sorry about that. Apparently I haven't even posted about the launch of the new Winter Collection!? Craazy talk. I'll try to do better I promise.

There was just simply no way I was going to skip posting about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale though! I sent out a guide to VIP's last Friday on what to expect for the sale pricing. I've never done that before... but I figured it would be appreciated. :) 


If you aren't a VIP yet, and you plan on purchasing from my shop, please jump on that list. I'm offering a 15% off sitewide sale on EVERYTHING in the shop. But, VIP's will be receiving an exclusive coupon code for 25% that can be stacked on top of that storewide discount. I offer stackable codes to my VIP's fairly regularly, but never for 25%. Pricing this low is definitely out of my comfort zone, I do after all, craft these products with my own two hands. ;) However, I try to spoil those people who really stand behind and support me. This lower pricing is the one way I know how to do that. You can join as a VIP (it's FREE) right here.

Just be sure to join before 8 PM PST Thursday night. If you sign up during the sale, you won't receive the 25% discount... but will receive a smaller 20% discount just for jumping on board.

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I'll be back with more sale details when it goes live!



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