Urgent: It's leaving forever. The Haven Collection

October 07, 2016

The Haven Collection is being pulled tonight. I sent out a heads up to the VIP list a couple of hours ago. If you had a favorite piece from this Collection, please grab it while you can. I did move 4 of the best selling designs to the heirloom collection, but unfortunately I couldn't choose them all! I'm set to launch 1 more collection this year, and I just won't have the space to offer that many designs without a few of them having to move into limited edition status.

These are the 6 designs that have proudly claimed that limited edition title...



Autumn Is My Favorite, Thankful Grateful Blessed, Dahlia Study, Insect Study, Sungold and the Oak Study. <---- These are now highly collectible canvas works of art.

I am going to miss seeing these cheery Fall designs. If you haven't yet grabbed your piece from this collection, please do. They won't be available again... and I would feel awful if you missed it. Tonight at midnight CST they'll be pulled from the shop.

A few of my favorite shares from this limited line.



Which was your favorite from the collection? Is it now a limited edition?

P.S. The Winter Collection is ALMOST finished. I've been photographing it this week... and it will launch in 11 days! The excitement for this collection has been SO great. If you were a VIP a couple of months back, you may have even voted on the direction of this launch! :)


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