PACIFIC TAPESTRY CLOSEOUT | Canvas Hand Distressed Tapestry

  • The textures and cool tones in Pacific are my absolute favorite. The paper ran out while printing this one, so it's a couple inches narrower than the original Pacific tapestry. I distressed it, and now it's ready to grace your home!

    This size would retail for $248, it's marked down by 55% and gives a savings of $136 I'm not really making a profit at this cost, just recouping some of the material cost and I'm trying to allow a little extra for shipping too. On average it costs me about $45 to ship a tapestry within the US. I can only offer it at this cost because it is an odd size.

    SIZE: 46.5X36


    Do you have a large empty wall you need to fill, and a gallery wall just doesn't seem to appeal to your design loving heart? A large vintage inspired tapestry can be an effortless way to add warmth and coziness to your home. Instant hygge. The distressed canvas textured surface is very tactile, and like a time honored piece of vintage furniture, it begs to be touched. Printed in my studio on our signature Cotton Canvas paper, you can rest assured your art will arrive on the very best paper media. Each tapestry includes your choice of either pair of Brass or Copper nails, to further assist you in your task of filling that blank wall.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Copper nails are soft so I cannot recommend them to be used with anything beside drywall / sheetrock.
    Please understand that the tapestries are handcrafted, so there will be folds, creases, wrinkles and distressing of the actual canvas. Some distressing is done prior to printing while other parts of the distressing happen by my hand after printing. This process insures each piece is truly one of a kind.