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Copper Accent Pieces 2 | Embellish your wall hanging twine

Size Guide

Introducing a very fresh and unique way to accessorize your Vol.25 canvas wall hanging. Add a touch of industrial Copper to your art. The arrival of these gorgeous, buttery finish copper pieces will give you the ability to further personalize your statement piece of art.

Size | Each Copper piece is about 3.5" in length. Twine length determined by the size you choose.

Quantity | 2 Copper pieces and 1 string of Twine.

Here at Volume Twenty Five, I believe your art should be a unique representation of your design style. Why settle for less, when you can own an Original Quality Heirloom piece? I believe every wall hanging that leaves the studio should be a one of a kind piece of art, worthy of your walls.

Wall Hangings are sold separately. Simply add this upgrade to your order.

Do you already own a wall hanging but would like to add a touch of copper and twine? If you have access to a staple gun- you can easily staple the twine and copper to the backside of the top trim piece. Leave the original twine in place, hidden behind the canvas. Now you can easily switch back and forth between the bare twine, or the Copper and twine.