Designer Nails Style 02 | The Mineral Collection | 10 COPPER Nails DN04

Copper has been part of our everyday since the invention of electricity. Now, with Volume Twenty Five’s decorative Copper Nails, a nod to industrial enterprise, you can coordinate every aspect of your unique style; from the wall art to these easy to secure nails. Because design with intention is revolutionary.

The Mineral Collection is a curated compilation of Designer Nails Worthy Of Your Walls. These unique nails have two purposes in life - to make your wall hangings shine, and provide effortless hanging. Many Vol25 customers enjoy moving their wall hangings from room to room. These nails easily push into drywall with nothing but your fingers. You can pull them out the very same way. No need to search the house for a hammer, or the heel of a shoe... they get along famously with your Vol25 art. Decorative nails have been a customer requested product for many months. I've personally spent countless hours sorting through suppliers to find the perfect style and size for your wall hangings. These are just big enough to be noticed, but won't steal the attention from your gorgeous canvas wall hanging. 

Size | Head of the nail is 1/4 of an inch and the length of the nail measures and inch.

Quantity | 10 Copper Designer Nails

Material | These are actual copper nails. Copper is a softer metal, so they will not drive as well into wood.

The Designer Nails are super versatile. They have many uses; hang your wood bead garlands, bread boards,or even display your dried herbs. I would love to see how you personally use them, and if you feel like sharing please use our official hashtag on instagram #VOL25DESIGNERNAILS

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