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Shipping Information

 Thank you for your patience as we vacation with family.

I live in a very rural area, and with the support of my wonderful customers we have been able to keep my small town post office in business. Because of this I only ship orders through the United States Postal Service. My postal lady worker is very nice, and I'd like to keep her around! ;)

Standard Domestic Delivery: Within the US, orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with an expected delivery within 2–3 business days from the shipping date.

International Delivery: All international orders will be mailed via first class mail international. Unfortunately a tracking number is not available. Most orders are received within the week, but unfortunately international shipping can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Any potential customs charges are the responsibility of the receiver.

When your product(s) will ship:

Prints generally ship within 4 business days. But, please refer to the delayed shipping banner above for accurate shipping times.

Due to the handcrafted nature and materials involved in the creation of a wall hanging I ask that you please allow 6 business days for shipment. I try to step away from work on the weekends to focus on family. If I have the design you order in stock, I will have the ability to ship it quicker. The 6 days allows time for stock to be replenished if needed. We are moving to a larger studio space this Summer and I will be able to keep more in stock at a time- so exciting!

How your products will ship if you purchase:

One Colossal, Large or Mini wall hanging:

If you order just one of these posters, it will be rolled and shipped priority mail inside a cardboard mailing tube.

One to 4 wall hangings:

If you order more than one poster they will be sent rolled individually inside a tall, skinny, cardboard box. Once again, this will ship via priority mail.

One to ten art prints:

Will ship in a flat rate priority mail envelope with a cardboard stiffener and sealed inside a plastic sleeve.

One to ten art prints + a Colossal, Large or Mini wall hanging:

Your canvas art prints will be shipped rolled inside the wall hanging. Don't worry I've been mailing canvas art for 8 years, and I have had very few casualties! ;)

When you receive your poster, be sure to unroll it straight away. It will take about a week for the canvas to relax, and the wrinkles to loosen. I prefer to ship via the Us postal service.