About VOL25

VOL25 was established in 2008. Etsy played a very big part in where we are today.
I was 4 months expecting with our second child, and was just getting over the morning sickness stage. I claimed VOL.25 as my business name, bought a business license, mustered up a bunch of confidence and registered my Etsy shop to sell my artwork. Opening this volume in my life at the age of 25, has since created several new chapters for my family and I over the past 10 years. I never could have imagined that the power of the internet, a site like Etsy and a love to create would bring me to where we are today. My dreams for VOL.25 began very humble. As a stay at home mom (to just one daughter at the time) it was simply a creative outlet, that I had hoped would earn our family some extra spending money while still allowing me to stay at home with our children.

My Journey in Art
As a child I had always enjoyed drawing, as a teen I had mainly worked with pencil and graphite. I was fortunate enough to have my art hanging in a gallery at the young age of 16. I felt famous! One of the curators of the gallery took an interest in my art and was eager to critique and encourage. I remember her telling me that I had an artists' license, and I was allowed to freely use it however I wished. The things I drew did not need to be accurate, I could change anything I chose, and represent them in an entirely new light. As a self taught artist, her words were priceless to me.

Years after getting married and a year after giving birth to our first daughter, I felt compelled to get back in touch with the artistic part of myself. I started drawing again and I eventually chose a completely new journey, in the form of digital art and graphic design. I purchased my first pen tablet and I spent hours in photoshop learning my way around the program. The pen tablet took some getting used to, but over time I felt comfortable enough with my art to put it out in the world. I will admit I was terrified of rejection, and filled with self doubt. But somehow, I managed to take that first big leap and make myself vulnerable. I am so glad I did. The response was amazing, and within a year of opening I had already signed a contract with a licensing agent. 

A Licensed Artist
With the help of my licensing agent I have been able to see my art printed on Journals, calendars, notebooks, cell phone cases, cards and even wood plaques. It is really exciting to see or hear of my art recognized within the walls of Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, TJ's, or even Chapters. I have even been fortunate enough to have Hallmark license a couple images, that was a pinch-able worthy moment! I'm still holding out for securing some sort of licensing contract with Target. That is my ultimate goal. Someday!

A Move To The Mountains
At the end of 2012 my husband and I sold our home in the little town of Prosser, WA and moved our family of four to the beautiful Methow Valley. We bought a cabin at the edge of Washington's North Cascade Mountains. The fresh mountain air and simpler way of life inspires the direction of my work. I strive to create simple, beautiful, encouraging art that will help carry you through the toughest of days. Gentle reminders are most effective when sprinkled in your environment. :)
A Studio To Create From
After 11 years of sharing a 2 bedroom home with a thriving business, November of 2018 I was so excited to move out to my new 200 sq. ft studio. This is a space my husband designed and built for me here on our property and I am thoroughly enjoying having this dedicated space.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso