Wall Hangings

Q) How do I care for the wood trim?

A) I would recommend dusting with a light brush if needed, and please be extra careful when moving your wall hanging around the house. Dropping it will almost always put a kink in the canvas.

Q) I purchased a wall hanging to be displayed seasonally. How should I safely store it?

A) I recommend storing your VOL25 wall hangings over a hanger and kept it in the very back of your closet until it is time to enjoy them again. If it is avoidable I would not store a wall hanging rolled for a very long length of time.

Art Prints

Q ) How do I frame a canvas print?

A) You can frame your canvas art just as you would any other print. Putting it behind glass will help with fading that will occur through the years. For more information on framing you can see this page here.

Q ) Do you do custom work?

A) Unfortunately I no longer take on any custom work. Several years ago I did, and enjoyed it, but found it was taking up too much of my time. I had to start turning it away. I'm a people pleaser, so it kills me to tell someone I can't help them. But, doing so has helped me balance this hobby turned business with my precious family.

With that said, if there is something you would like to me see in my shop, please send me a message (contact@vol25.com) and let me know! I'll see if the inspiration strikes me at a later date.


Q ) How do I hang a tapestry? You may use the included nails, but if you are renting, or simply want a way to hang the tapestry without putting nails in the walls, command strips may be used. To guarantee success, make sure to prep your wall correctly. For the largest size, I recommend using more strips than you think you might need, using 4 across the top and a few down each sides. A colossal sized tapestry weights just under 4 lbs.