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Framing Your Canvas Art Print

Your Vol25 Canvas Art Print doesn't require special attention when considering a frame. It will work with any standard picture frame in the correct size. I often like to go a size or two larger on the frame and purchase a white mat with the same size opening as the print you have purchased.

For example, purchasing a 16x20 size frame with a mat that has an opening for an 8x10 sized print would fill up more wall space without having to purchase a more expensive 16x20 sized print. I've found Ikea to have the most affordable frames and quite a few different styles to choose from. If you are like me and live miles from your nearest Ikea Target or Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Craft Warehouse also stock frames.

A fun idea:

photo credit: Chelsea of Style Mutt Home

I love using vintage pants hangers, binder clips, and washi tape to hang my prints. This also allows me to move it all around the house with no damage/holes to the walls.

Wall hangings come ready to hang. Just open, unroll and choose the perfect spot!