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The sad story about bees is that their habitats are vanishing and two types have completely disappeared. These docile flyers feed their larva the protein from pollen until they’re old enough to travel great distances for sugary nectar. Their large families can number in the tens of thousands of female worker bees. After their winter hibernation these spring-time insects need the energy from fresh blossoms to continue their meticulous work. Hang this diagram on your wall and taste the sweet honey of victory in your support for a diminishing species.

The studies are inspired by Vintage Scientific Pull down charts. However these are not re-touched vintage illustrations you can find elsewhere on the web. Each design is illustrated by Jessica Rose and uses watercolor techniques, then printed in her studio with pigment based inks. It's the perfect melody of vintage and minimalism, offering heirloom quality. The wood trim delivers a one of a kind art piece worthy of your curated collection.

Bonus: Your wall hanging arrives ready to hang, no need to purchase a frame. A small push pin will generally do the trick, or grab a set of our  Designer Nails. Statement piece art, deserves statement worthy hardware.

Several sizes to choose from. Please see photos for size references.
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O T H E R   O P T I O N S:

1 / Shop this design H E R E in a canvas art print. 

2 / Add buttery Copper Trim pieces to your hanging twine H E R E.

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