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Unique wall art never looked so interesting. The many feathers depicted in the FEATHER PATTERNS STUDY showcase Plumology as unique wall art. From the rachis to the barbules, the feather has been hypothesized about for centuries. In this particular piece, by Vol25, the various feather types (wing, down, tail, contour, semiplume, filoplume, and bristle) are sketched in steady-handed detail. Available in mini, large, and colossal; this high-brow chart will inspire and awe on any wall deemed fit to hang. Display your exceptional style with something different and wonderful.

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This design is part of the Limited Edition Haven Collection, released August 8th. Please be aware that all but a few of the best selling designs (prints included) from this Collection will be pulled on October 12th. This will make room for the launch of the new winter collection.

The Scientific poster collection was inspired by pull down charts. However these are not re-touched vintage illustrations you can find elsewhere on the web. Each design is illustrated by Jessica Rose and uses watercolor techniques, then printed in our studio with pigment based inks. It's the perfect melody of vintage and minimalism, offering heirloom quality. The wood trim delivers a one of a kind art piece worthy of your curated collection.

Bonus:  Your wall hanging arrives ready to hang. A small push pin will generally do the trick. This makes it near effortless to "shop your house" and move your new art from room to room as the mood strikes. This will only leave very small holes behind.

--You are going to love our new thicker canvas paper. Total textural bliss. It is more textile like and less likely to kink while being moved around. Luxe quality at it's best.

Several sizes to choose from. Please see photos for size references.
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