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  • Once numbering in the millions, the American Bison is now assigned a near threatened conservation status at only 500,000. For the conservationist in your life, ROAM, by Vol25 expresses in scientific detail the North America wanderer. A beautiful piece for lodge décor, this wall hanging creates a sense of wonder for anyone near enough to see its characteristic horns, and shaggy mane and beard. This piece is a celebration of the environmentalist spirit. To adopt an American Bison and help grow their numbers visit Defenders of Wildlife.

  • Dimensions of available sizes include wood trim pieces:

    MINI | 10.5 W x 18.5 H"

    LARGE | 18.5 W x 30.5 H"

    COLOSSAL 18.5 W x 37.5 H"

    Interested in having this unique wall hanging art arrive as a print, ready to frame? Please see HERE for our canvas prints.

    See the graphic below for a visual size reference. Please understand that the wall hangings are handcrafted, so the sizes are approximate, and will vary ever so slightly from one another.


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Size reference

Due to the handcrafted nature of each wall hanging, measurements are approximate. Worth noting: The twine adds about an extra 4" to the total hanging height and is not included in the above measurements. Please note that not every piece is available in the Colossal size.

Original & one of a kind

 Wood sourced for each wall hanging varies in texture, as will the tone of the wood. I am able to personally select, sand, cut and stain each piece. The result is artisan quality I am proud to sign my name to. Collectors appreciate the unique one of a kind quality that this wood brings to their wall hanging. No piece is truly ever the same. Please expect your wall hanging to have beautiful texture. Some pieces are smoother than others, and a few are marked with small knots. The wood grain pattern will vary with each piece.