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  • Unique wall art never looked so interesting. The many feathers depicted in this fifth volume to FEATHER PATTERNS STUDIES showcase Plumology as unique wall art. From the rachis to the barbules, the feather has been hypothesized about for centuries. In this particular piece, by Vol25, the various pheasant feather types (wing, down, tail, contour, semiplume, filoplume, and bristle) are sketched in steady-handed detail. Display your exceptional style with something different and wonderful.

    Interested in having this design arrive ready to hang with wood trim? See Feather Patterns Vol.5 wall hanging

    Please see below for a visual representation of the different available print sizes.

    Frame is not included, and is intended for reference only.

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customized service

Over the last 10 years I have been including an extra white border with each print. In most cases the larger paper size broadens your framing options, and allows a little more creativity. This is especially true with the scientific prints featuring a white background.  I realize the space you have intended for your art may or not benefit from the extra real estate in paper. So, I am happy to cater to your individual need. If you are ordering anything smaller than a 20x24 and would prefer the actual art size be shipped, please leave me a note upon checkout and I will be happy to trim the excess off for you. See the following for actual paper sizes including the white border...

  8X10 ON 8.5X11 PAPER

11X14 ON 12X17 PAPER | 16X20 ON 17X21 PAPER

 Note: All prints larger than a 16x20" are trimmed by default.

Beautifully textured

There is simply no comparison to our signature premium canvas paper. From the very beginning of VOL25, we have printed exclusively on canvas paper. 10 years later, I feel this paper has become an important part of my identity as an artist. See why thousands of VOL.25 collectors love this beautifully textured cotton paper.