Celebrating 10 years!

January 15, 2018


It hardly seems possible that my etsy shop and business is celebrating it's 10th year. I've done quite a bit of reflecting this past week. I dug through my archives here on the blog, and it really brought up the emotions. 10 years worth of archives (if you're reading from my shop's blog section jump here to see the original blog) really show just how much my business has evolved over the years. From the year 2008, where blogs were much more personal and I updated on a very consistent basis, to my more recent years where my blog had to take a bit of a backseat to instagram. I knew that I needed to get a post up this week, in recognition of those 10 years. I feel like this blog was such a foundational piece in the start of my business. Before facebook, and instagram this was the only way I could really connect with you guys and it was SO important for my growth as an artist and as a business. Without the interaction and support I had, I may have not had the confidence to list that first piece of art. I can still remember the nervous butterflies, and the vulnerability I had putting myself out there! :) It wasn't easy, but I am SO glad I did.

I know I've said it many, many times, but I never intended nor expected this to be something I would still be doing 10 years later. I had very humble expectations for Vol.25, I just wanted my art to be appreciated, and if it earned me enough money for a coffee every month that was good too! :) With that said, I am extremely grateful that it has blossomed into what it has. I've shipped out 8,219 orders on etsy, and 919 orders in my new shop. I hope to break 10,000 orders this year! Wouldn't it be amazing to reach that milestone in my 10th year?!

As a way of saying Thank You I am giving away a new wall hanging every day on instagram... and I'm also offering a $10 shop credit on order of $45 or more. If you're a VIP you'll have a new e-mail waiting in your inbox with an exclusive Thank You offer. 

10 YEAR BIRTHDAY BASHThank you so much for joining me on this journey. I'm super excited to see what 2018 brings. I have so many hopes and dreams for this year, moving out to my new studio and really having the creative space to let things flourish. 2018 is going to be my best year yet... I can just feel it! :)

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