Gratitude Journal- A Free printable by vol25

June 07, 2023

Gratitude Journal - a free printable by vol25

Thankfull-ness is so important. It has helped me feel grounded in times of distress, when I'm often worrying about the unknown and things that aren't exactly in my control. I wanted to put together a printable gratitude journal for my daughters and friends, family. I decided to make it available for download. It's completely free, and I hope it can help you too! Please print extras and share with your friends. How sweet would this be as a door stop delivery care package?

You can even share the link to this blog post, so others can download it directly. I hope you love it and it can brighten your day just a little!

What a neat keepsake this will be in the future? You can devote as much time as you would like to it. Even just a few minutes a day can really make an impact on your mental well being.

I watched a video on how to do a saddle stitch binding and used the items shown below for my books. I couldn't find a needle, so I used those little scissors to make holes in the binding. It wasn't the most ideal, but it got the job done! 😀

You can print the cover on cardstock, or different colored paper to give each book a unique look. You can even add blank white paper, or lined notebook paper to your stack before binding to give yourself extra material for journaling. The sky is the limit! Please don't forget to pin this to your free printables board on pinterest!! 😉 Every little bit helps my small shop with SEO.

Jessica Rose
Artist, and Owner of Vol.25


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