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The Sahara Collection Launch

July 28, 2018

The Sahara Collection went live last night! Indigo (pictured above) is one of my personal favorites from the Collection. One of the (many) things I enjoy about living where we do, is how well we can see the stars on a clear night. Partly because we're at a slightly higher elevation, but just being away from light pollution seems to allow the stars to stand out and take center stage. Many of the pieces within this collection are celestial inspired. When you pair those with an expansive warm Sahara desert you have what I imagine would be a recipe for a little peace and solitude.

Pulling this collection together was something I really needed after hitting wall after wall with the development of the Wallpaper collection. It was very therapeutic. If you're needing to inject a little calm and simplicity into your life (aren't we all after surviving the busyness of Summer?) I hope something within this collection speaks to you.

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