Instagram Launch Party starting now!

July 27, 2018

So, the Sahara Collection went live tonight and one of my absolute favorite things about official launch days, is watching the collection being shared on instagram! This go around I wasn't able to get product shipped out to any of the brand ambassadors I've been fortunate enough to work with... so I'm putting the call out there and hosting an instagram launch party. Anyone who chooses to share the Collection (from now until Saturday night at midnight) will be thanked with a $10 coupon code. Just re-post a picture on instagram from any of the ones shown here, with a brief mention of the new collection, and tag the photo with @vol25 ... I will personally DM you a unique $10 coupon code within a couple of hours. Wait. If you post tonight, I'll have to DM you your code in the morning. Because I need sleep. hahah Just be sure your account is public, and you tag me- or I won't be able to see your post. :)
So, what did you think of the collection? Did you have a favorite? This collection was quite a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun to pull together... and it was by far one of my favorites to photograph! I'll see you over on instagram!!

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