New Calendars for 2017

by Jessica Rose January 06, 2017 34 Comments

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is LIVE

by Jessica Rose November 25, 2016

This is going to be quick, because I'm currently packaging my way out of a beautiful mountain of orders! :) The Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is live in the shop. The entire store has been marked down by 15%. If you're a current VIP member, you should have a coupon code sitting in your e-mail box. If you're not, you should jump on board. You'll receive an instant 20% off coupon code that you can apply to the reduced store prices. :) Merry Christmas!!

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Preview

by Jessica Rose November 22, 2016

I think we can all agree that this blog has been very neglected over the past couple of months. :) If you've jumped on board as a VIP (do so here) then you've still been getting weekly updates from me via your inbox. I know that over the years this blog has been my main platform for keeping you updated. These days all my focus is going to that VIP list. I'm so sorry about that. Apparently I haven't even posted about the launch of the new Winter Collection!? Craazy talk. I'll try to do better I promise. There was...

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Free Printable Holiday Tags by Vol25

by Jessica Rose October 14, 2016 84 Comments

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Urgent: It's leaving forever. The Haven Collection

by Jessica Rose October 07, 2016

The Haven Collection is being pulled tonight. I sent out a heads up to the VIP list a couple of hours ago. If you had a favorite piece from this Collection, please grab it while you can. I did move 4 of the best selling designs to the heirloom collection, but unfortunately I couldn't choose them all! I'm set to launch 1 more collection this year, and I just won't have the space to offer that many designs without a few of them having to move into limited edition status. These are the 6 designs that have proudly claimed that...

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Brooke's Home Fall Tour

by Jessica Rose September 16, 2016

Brooke posted her Fall Home Tour, and I couldn't be prouder to have the Feather Patterns vol.5 represented within that beautiful tour. :) I love how Brooke always keeps things simple, but powerful. Bringing nature in and incorporating it throughout her house, seems to be her jam. She does it so well. :) Link jump on over to read her full post and see more pictures here. I am SOO happy it's Friday. My brother and his family are visiting, I've finished orders for the day and am just about ready to head down and meet my husband for Coffee!...

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Flash Sale on all prints - 2 days only

by Jessica Rose August 19, 2016

2 Day 15% Off Flash Sale in the shop on ALL prints, ALL sizes! Shop the SALE here: Would you like an extra 20% OFF that discounted price? Join the VIP list here: It's Friday!! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Launch Day- The Haven Collection is live!

by Jessica Rose August 08, 2016

Today is the day! The Haven Collection is LIVE. Such an exciting day. I've had some really positive feedback, and I'm soo thankful for each and every one of you that has supported me through this journey. This is my second Collection of the year, and was quite possibly the hardest for me to complete. Next year I may just do two collections. Working on this for the past 3 months through Summer vacation, and the busyness of Summer period was a bit of a challenge. But again, the support I received through e-mails, instagram comments etc. really helped me...

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Tomorrow at midnight - The Haven Collection goes live

by Jessica Rose August 07, 2016

Midnight tonight. The new Haven Collection goes live. Que all the nervous butterflies- let's do this! :) Are you on the VIP list? Be the first to know when all 10 designs go live.

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48 Hour Flash Sale + stack your discount

by Jessica Rose July 28, 2016

There's a 48 hour flash sale going on in the Vol.25 shop. Although, because it is taking me awhile to get this posted on instagram, facebook, etc. etc. There is less than 48 hours left.

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Haven scheduled to launch 8.8.16 at midnight CST.

by Jessica Rose July 19, 2016

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The Reverie Collection closes tonight at midnight

by Jessica Rose June 09, 2016

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