Fall Collection launch Details

August 24, 2017

Last month, I asked my VIP members to vote on which designs they would like to see in the Fall 2017 collection. After going over those votes it was clear that I needed to make part of the Haven Collection available for purchase. But because my new Winter Collection launch date is nearing (mid October!) I have to run this Fall collection through a much smaller window of time. As a result it will be pulled much quicker than any previous Collections I've released.


Art from the 2016 Haven Collection in Bre Doucette's living room

To work all of this in, only 4 beautiful designs will make up the Fall Haven Collection, and it will go live TOMORROW morning! Mark you calendars, and if you haven't signed up as a VIP... you should! I always like to throw in exclusive extras or incentives. In other news, the studio is coming along nicely! The first wall is framed and sided and most of the cuts for the second wall have been made. I'm told the shed style roof and raked walls have led to custom cuts needing to be made. Basically he's telling me I have not made his life simpler. ;) But it's going to look so nice when it's done!! :)

Okay I need to get back to working on the final details for this launch. We are just hours away! :)



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