Now offering large scale art

March 16, 2018

Now offering large scale art

20180310_145729 copy
A super exciting change for 2018 has been the addition of a new 44" Canon wide format printer. With this printer I can now print up to 44x60." This has allowed me to print larger prints, in 5 additional sizes!


Large statement pieces have been getting quite a bit of love in the interior design world of late. I've seen so many great posts showcasing large scale art that really shines. I've wanted to offer larger sizes for several years now, but didn't want to outsource the printing. Starting the studio meant I would have more space for a larger printer and when we finally saved enough to make that investment we took the leap! It took several weeks to research and design the packaging for the larger prints, and update all my shop listings. But, the time is finally here to officially launch the large prints! 

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