Introducing the Reverie Collection + new website for Vol25

April 14, 2016

Wow, so much news to share with you! First, I re-branded and launched my own stand alone website. (Same link new redirect) I have finally outgrown Etsy and it feels amazing to have a little slice of the internet devoted to Vol25. It's been something I have wanted to do for a couple of years, and I finally felt the strong push to just make it happen. I'm so happy with how the website turned out. I feel I can finally personalize the shop to reflect my branding.

I'm also utilizing my newsletters again. Although, I think I messed up a little. It had been 2 months since I had sent out a newsletter, and when I did send them it was with my re-branded look. I had quite a few unsubscribes. Whoops! It was me, I promise. Hah! I really changed the design and layout so I think I confused quite a few people. Then again, maybe my new logo was just scary... insert new logo:


Is it? What do you think? The symbol to the left signifies my initials. J.R. I also created this variation of the logo which does resemble my previous logo.


Anyhow, I also have a new whiteout trim color option, and a new Colossal size wall hanging. Remember the 3 foot size I created for One Kings Lane? Well, I've had so many requests for a larger size that I made it happen! Most all of the designs are available in the larger size. Which also happens to be the perfect size to cover an electrical panel, and still allows easy access.

COLOSSAL ANNOUNCEMENTI do still have my etsy shop up, but I haven't updated all of the listings with the new trim and size options just yet. The new collection is up and current, but all the fun is happening at my new store, promise! You can expect $6.99 flat rate shipping over there. I just can't offer the same over at etsy. My etsy shop has only accepted paypal, because I refused to sign up for etsy direct checkout. But, over on my new website you have all kinds of payment options. It's not only prettier, but it's soo much more convenient for you guys!

Visit the brand new VOL25

So, on the subject of newsletters, if you haven't joined the VIP list, you should! You can expect exclusive discounts and you can see sneak peeks at new Collections. You'll even be able to help me decide what I should create for those collections. I'm aiming for 2 collection launches a year. Oh- and by joining, you'll receive a 20% Off discount code that can apply to your next purchase.



2016 is bringing very new and exciting things for Vol.25. Things like our very first product collection... 10 new designs, 10 new wall hangings, 10 new prints. 20 new products. Numerous size options for you. I've been working on this collection since January, and I've had such nervous butterflies sending it out to the world. I know you'll love it though! Click here to shop the Reverie Collection.

Please let me know what you think


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