Quote #129 and my thoughts on the changing instagram algorithm

March 16, 2016

After hearing the disheartening news about the direction instagram is planning to move in, I decided it was time to focus on something positive... and this quote was fitting. It isn't Monday but I needed it.

QUOTE #142

"Choose to be optimistic. It feels better."

I've already posted twice to instagram this morning ranting about how disappointing this change is going to be for small businesses trying to gain a foothold within the instagram platform. But, in another light. I can't help but wonder if this change is going to be the slow death of instagram... and the re-birth to the blogging community. Instagram is starting to seem like something I invested too much time into. While my poor blog suffered. Can we bring community back to blogs? It might be a slow road, but I'm going to fall back into love with blogging again. Maybe I'm completely off, and this will be the best thing for instagram. But in the wake of the big facebook change that dried up facebook business pages, I'm kind of doubting that.

In other positive news... I'm opening up my own stand along webstore for VOL25. I've re-designed my logo, my branding, and I am re-doing my product photography, and revamping my newsletters. Big changes coming ahead. The Spring Summer collection is also scheduled to launch next month. So BIG things in progress. Lots of surprises in store for you guys. So hard to not spill the beans! :)



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